Windy Day. Hell, Figure 10

a radio-visual walk


I wanted to try something new, an experiment, and that is both today’s episode, and the reason there has been a pause in ‘utopian drivel’ for a few weeks, sorry for that. Experiments, learning new skills, making mistakes, all take a bit more time than something you’re used to making. So here’s the result: a sort of audio essay meets ASMR meets guided tour. I recommend putting on some headphones, and listening while following along with the images if you can. If you like this format (I enjoyed making it, and would like to try something a bit more adventurous with it), or have any feedback, then please do let me know in the comments. Many thanks for your patience, especially those who pay to subscribe, who give me the space and resources to try new ways to write.

Figure 1: my route. You can also follow on Google Maps.

Figure 2: MNAC

Figure 3. Looking out over Sants and L'Hospitalet at sunset

Figure 4: the escalators

Figure 5: Orthophoto of Montjuic in 1956

Figure 6: Orthophoto of Montuic in 1992, year of the Olympics. Both can be found on this wonderful city mapping project.

Figure 7: Hípica la Foixarda

Figure 8: a horse, as seen in the Nativity Facade of La Sagrada Familia

Figure 9: a parakeet finally wrestles free a branch for its nest

Figure 10: Hell


Figure 11: Poster of Buenaventura Durruti

Figure 12: Simone Weil in her militia uniform

Figure 13: Montjuic before the clearances

Figure 14: The European Fountain of Good Vibes Only, Plaça d’Europa

Figure 15: the channel at the bottom of the telecommunications tower

Figure 16: graffiti at the tower’s base

Figure 17: sunset at the Olympic Park

Figure 18: the cruising area and the top of the cemetery

Figure 19: the view over L’Hospitalet

Figure 20: old memories in stone

Figure 21: the upper terraces of the cemetery at Montjuic

Figure 22: The tomb of Durruti, looking out over the factories of Zona Franca

Figure 23: one of the many memorials to those who fought and died in the anti-fascist struggle, in this case to the 7000 Jewish volunteers of the International Brigades

Figure 24: the quarry which holds the mass grave of thousands of enemies of fascism, including the tomb of Lluis Companys, on the right

Figure 25: housing blocks at the edge of Montjuic

Figure 26: Barcelona’s paving tiles, and me, holding the mic

Figure 27: Fins aviat!