This is another great piece Huw. I, like every other terminally online gay man, saw the pleasuredome tweey and all the associated posting about it.

I’m just glad to actually read a first hand account of what it was like to be there. I still think there is a decent book to be written about the various food offerings in gay saunas across Europe.

The part about your experience at a recent MfW especially stuck a cord as I think it was at my own MfW that I changed my view about the Queen’s death. I was challenged about my Ministry in only the way that other Quakers can.

I suppose that is what I appreciate about Quakerism so much - the breadth of views held by Friends. That there is no pressure to reach a consensus on what the “correct” thing to do or say is.

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I appreciate that too, as someone raised Quaker and still Quaker-adjacent!

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Huw you are a true 'MASTER' in your descriptive writing about 'OUR' experience(s). Thank you so very much!!!!!

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