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I went on this tour with a friend, and wanted to say that it was an excellent way to explore the capital. We had a great time walking around and catching up, then finding various places to settle in and listen to the next installment. Thanks so much for putting this fabulous resource on the web.

PS. I saw that you've been in Bologna and Florence recently, I'm going in a few weeks. Any important homosexual histories to attend to?

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I will be all over this on my next free day in town. (I worked at 54 Broadway from 2005-2007, but it was only when I was researching something about three years ago that I realised it had been the home of SIS until 1964(?). Gutted! I would have had much more of a poke around in the basement if I’d’ve known when I was there.)

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Really loved this one. I think about those crowds every time I go down Whitehall, Banqueting House still looks exactly as it does in illustrations of the execution.

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