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Utopian Drivel is a regular essay or audio essay sent by me, Huw Lemmey.

I’m a British writer and novelist, living in Barcelona, thinking about sex, politics, history, landscapes and loves. I’m the author of three novels: Unknown Language, Chubz: The Demonization of My Working Arse and Red Tory: My Corbyn Chemsex Hell. I’m also the co-host of the history podcast Bad Gays.

I really enjoy writing short essays and fiction, but they’re often too personal, or too gay, for the taste of magazine editors. Yet when I send them to friends, they say “you should publish this”. That’s what this is for.

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I have set up a subscription model because it seemed like a better idea than a patreon - simpler, more accessible, fairer, without tiers and rewards all that shit. So if you subscribe for free, you’ll get an essay a month to your inbox, at least.

If you pay $5 a month or $50 a year you’ll get an email about every week, and you’ll be helping to support my writing, new books from me, new podcasts etc. It’s about the price of a posh coffee in London, which I thought was about right. Look, I could go into the economics of writing here but we could both be doing something more productive. If you really want the full english option but can’t afford it, just drop me an email, I’ll sort you out.

If you want to follow me on social media, my instagram is @spitzenprodukte

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I'm a writer, born UK and living in Barcelona. I'm the author of three novels, 'Unknown Language', 'Red Tory' and 'Chubz' and co-host of the podcast 'Bad Gays'